Haskap Berry

Who are we?

We unite Haskap Berry Manufacturers from Europe to join efforts and to establish cooperation with foreign importers and customers.

Our Members have long experience in the production. Thanks to introduction and implementation of technological novelties and use of state of the art equipment they are able to produce high quality fruits.

Fresh Haskap , Frozen Haskap, Dry Haskap or Haskap Powder?
Every way is possible and the best quality is guaranteed. Let us know your requirements and we will do our best to fulfill your needs.

Delivery by Air Cargo
We are ready to arrange air-delivery of fresh fruits directly to your Airport. Our fruits usually departure from: Frankfurt Airport, Berlin Tegel Airport or Warsaw Airport. We optimize the logistics chains to decrease transit time. Frozen fruits are sea-delivered in order to cut costs.

Minimum Order Quantity
It is 4 pallets, about 900kg of fruits in total. We are able Fresh Haskap pack 6x250g, 3x500g or 6x500g into one carton box. Dry Haskap and Frozen Haskap we can pack in any way required.

In the climate of Poland, Haskap Berries ripen very early, some varieties already in May. We have a wide range of varieties available: Tundra, Rebeka, Tula, Wojtek, Ruben, Atut, Czarna, Czelabinka, Dlinnopłodna, Duet, Jolanta, Zielona, Aurora, Borealis, Honeybee, Czulimskaja, Indigo Gem, Morena, Indigo Treat, Indigo Yum,  Nimfa, Karina, Zojka. We also introduce new varieties from Breeding Programme of University of Saskatchewan. Contact us now, to find out what is available!


We can provide all the required certificates, among them: GlobalGAP,  Ecological Certification, IJHARS by Agricultural and Food Quality Inspection. To assure high standards our Farms are under continuous surveillance of Main Inspectorate of Plant Health and Seed Inspection.

Do you wish to know more? Let’s stay in touch!